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Competition Apply

Application instructions

  1. 1. Online Application Form
  2. 2. Application Fee (By June 30, 2021)
  3. 3. Choir profile (from 150 to 300 words)

    (Sample) ALERON first came into existence in 2006 as the alumni ensemble of the Ateneo de Manila High School Glee Club under the musical direction of Christopher Ong Arceo. Today, the group is composed of male choristers from different backgrounds: most of whom have contributed significantly to the growth of the Ateneo choral community. ALERON, being an all-male ensemble, is geared towards exploring the male choral soundscape. Through innovative programming and the performance of repertoire across musical styles and genres, the group aims to deliver to its audiences a diverse and unique choral experience. ALERON envisions to broaden the all-male choral genre by continuously premiering new works of select resident composers and arrangers throughout its concert seasons. ALERON has recently been making waves in the Philippine choral scene, most notably with its First Prize distinction in the Vocal Ensemble Category of the 1st Andrea O.Veneracion International Choral Festival, Manila in August 2013, serving as the group's very first win in an international choral competition.

  4. 4. Conductor profile (from 100 to 150 words)
  5. 5. Choir Photos (2 high resolution photos for a program book)
  6. 6. Conductor Photo (1 high resolution photo for a program book)
  7. 7. Soft copy of the score
  8. 8. Permission to use songs/proof of purchase
  9. 9. Name & Gender for all members
Upload instructions
  1. Documents (Choir & Conductor Profiles and Name List) should be made in Microsoft Word format (*.doc / *.docx / *.xls).
    - Please clearly label each file (Choir name, category, file name)
    Ex. "BusanChoral_Classical Mixed_Conductorprofile"
    Ex. "BusanChoral_Ethnic_Piece1_Lyrics"
  2. Pictures : JPEG format
  3. Video Recording: MP4 format

2017 Competition Application Form

* Essential

Choir Information
Conductor Information
Singers Information
Staffs Information(all but singers and conductors)
Competition Category(choose one or two)
* Choose Category
  • A cappella (Classic Style)
  • With instrumental accompaniment
  • Youth
Competition Repertoire

Please provide (in this order) : Category / Original Piece Title / Composer (First, Last Name, Year of Birth-Death) / Duration (00:00)
(Example) A, Schicksalslied, Johannes, Brahms, 1833, 1897, 15:00
Provide title translation if needed. Please list in performance order.

* Song 1


Add Song
* Upload File
File Name File Size
(Max file size : 20MB)
  1. 1) Choir Profile (*.doc / *.docx) - from 150 to 300 words
  2. 2) Choir Photos
    • - Upload maximum 2 High resolution photos for the program book
  3. 3) Conductor Profile
  4. 4) Conductor Photo
    • - Upload 1 High resolution photo
  5. 5) Soft copy of the score
  6. 6) Permission to use songs/proof of purchase
  7. 7) Name list
  8. ★For Video files, please send them to us here: busanchoral@gmail.com

By submitting this application, I confirm that the choir is of amateur standing, the reported ages of the members (for categories Y) are truthful,
that all information in the choir and conductor's profiles are accurate, and that finally the submitted recording was made only for this competition
by the applying choir and conductor. I also confirm that the choir is fully responsible for the permission and copyright of the song.