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President of the BCFC

Co-Chairperson - Byun Won-Tan
Every year, around 700 choir members from 10 plus overseas countries and about 1000 choir members from Korea gather at the Busan Choral Festival & Competition, which is the representative choral festival in Asia. Unfortunately this year, the BCFC could not be free from the pandemic of COVID-19.
Sad it is but our music does not stop even in this year. Nothing can stop us from singing together. This is because we believe that our choral music can bring reconciliation and peace to the world. Although choristers from the world cannot gather in Busan physically, we are opening this choral festival in the cyber space.
‘Virtual Choir’ means that choir members create video from where they are and such video and audio clips are gathered and edited to be made into choir singing instead of gathering in one place to sing together. This year, 12 choirs from 9 countries made video clips of their singing and sent them to the BCFC. We are opening Video Choir Festival of the BCFC this evening with these video clips. The clips will be watched by choristers around the world on Youtube in real time. It will show the world our choral music that cannot be stopped. In particular, Angel Peace Art Group, a private art group representing Busan and Male Conductors’ Ensemble of Busan will make tonight all the more beautiful with their wonderful live performances.
The BCFC will continue to build harmony that is made with the people’s voice which is the most beautiful music in the world. I give you my promise that this festival will bring you hope in this time of pandemic.
Thank you.

Artistic Director

Artistic Director - Kim Kang-Kyu
Year 2020 is the year of COVID-19.

If the mountain is not green, that means it is dying.
If the blue sea is turning black, it means it is dying.
If the sky is full of dust veiling it from us, it means it is dying too.
If there is no song we sing together, it means people are being disconnected.
If there is no more song of love, it means people’s hearts are dying.
So the world where we can’t hear people singing together is dead to me.

Let’s be grateful that we still have power to love each other.
Let’s appreciate that there still is a reason we should sing together.
Let’s thank that we still have friends around the world that we can sing together.

That is why
we fill up this hard time with joy with our songs that are still left to us together with all the friends around the world who sing with us.