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OCT 21 (Thu) 19:30-21:00

Haneulyeon Theatre,
Busan Cinema Center
Special Concert 1 Show Choir Harmonize
Guest Choir Haeundae-gu Juvenile Chorus

OCT 22 (Fri) 19:30-21:00

Golden Theater,
Geumjeong Cultural Center
Special Concert 2 Show Choir Harmonize
Guest Choir Haeundae-gu
Juvenile Chorus
Show Choir Harmonize
Voices that made the world celebrate - Show Choir “Harmonize”

Harmonize is the first ever Korean representative to have won the world championship title in Show Choir. Now world-famous and widely
loved for their passion for modern harmony, dynamic performance and dramatic story-telling. Their recent Youtube video “Korean singers
busking the Lion King song in a South African restaurant” scored more than 20 million views worldwide and created a buzz which led to
followers globally calling out for more of what Harmonize to best - covering the most popular music in Rock, Musicals, Movie Soundtracks,
Pop, Hip-Hop and Jazz. As cultural diplomatic representatives of Korea, Harmonize have also carried the very heart of K-pop and Korean
traditional music to a bigger audience through TV shows and collaboration projects with many artists. Setting out to evangelize the world
with their love of what show choir represents, Harmonize breath-takingly-takingly brings music and performance to another level. Be ready
and let yourself be transformed through a stage where we dream to sing and sing to dream.
Jang-Seok Oh
Eun-Ju Lee, Ji-Min Kim, Ha-Young Moon, Ji-Woo Kim, Min-Seon Koo, Ji-Woo Choi
Do-Dam Cha
Man-Jae Han, Ki-Tae Kim, Ji-Hoon Lee, Min-Sung Lee,
Han-Eui Jong, Min Seong Jang
Ji-Hyun Kim, Ye-Rin Shin,
Hyo-Eun Kim, Go-Un Ha
Tae-Woo Kim, Seung-Jun Lee, Byung-Wook Lee


  1. 1) Grand Opening
    • -Come Alive (Original Song: “The Greatest Showman” OST )
    • -Queen Medley (Original Artist: Queen)
  2. 2) Harmony Of Hope
    • -Castle Of Magic (Original Artist: The Classic)
    • -Imagine + Fix You (Original Artist: John Lennon, Cold Play)
  3. 3) Be The One
    • -Singing In The Rain (Original Song: “Singing In The Rain” OST)
    • -Dancing Queen (Original Artist: ABBA)
    • -Dynamite (Original Artist: BTS)
Guest Choir / Cond. Young-Ki Kwon
Haeundae-gu Juvenile Chorus
  1. 1. Our dream / Com. Su-Jeong Jo
  2. 2. Aladdin and the lamp fairy genie / Com. Hyo-Won Woo
  3. 3. We are the world / Com. Min-Hye Son
  1. 4) Hello, Fear
    • -Believer (Original Artist: Imagine Dragons)
    • -This Is Me (Original Song: “The Greatest Showman” OST)
  2. 5) Pride Of Korea
    • -What a Beautiful Land (Original Artist: Lee Sun-Hee)
    • -Alone Arirang (Original Artist: Han Dol)
  3. 6) The Lion King
    • -Circle Of Life (Original Song: “Lion King” OST)
    • -He Lives In You (Original Song: “Lion King” OST)
    • -King Of Pride Rock (Original Song: “Lion King” OST)


Haeundae-gu Juvenile Chorus
Founded in July 1999, Haeundae Children Choir is a group that has been established as an icon of a cultural art group representing Hae-
undae, marking 19 years of history. Until the present, the choir has participated in the 26 regular concerts and all the representative cul-
tural activities of Haeundae and Busan area such as performances with renowned choirs, the 1st Busan International Film Festival Open-
ing ceremony, performance with soprano Jo Su-mi and so on. The choir is a symbolic children choir of Haeundae Art Company, which is
fostering professional musicians who notify Korea through international events.
Young-Ki Kwon
A-Hyeon Kim, Na-Yeon Lee, Seo-Jin Lee, Je-Yi Lee, Jae-Won Jang, Yun-Chae Cho, Hyeon-Woo Cho, Gee-Yeon Park
Da-Yeon Kang, So-hee Kwon, Na-Yun Kim, Seong-Yeon KIM, Sung-Hyeon Park, Han-Gyeol Bae, Min-Jun Sung, Ga-Eun Lee, Yu-Ri Lee, Yu-Jung Lee, Jo-Guk Lee, Bo-Bae Lee, Su-A Jang, Yeong-Seo Jung
Da-Yoon Kim, Bo-Min Kim, Yun-Hyeok Kim, Ji-Hyeon Ryu, Do-Hyuk Mun, Ye-In Park, Bu-Kyung Baik, Ha-Rry Seo, Ji-Soo Seol, Go-Eun Shin, Ye-Rim Lee, Yu-Su Lee, Eun-Seo Jeong, Yi-Kang Choi, Dong-Wook Ha, Dong-Yoon Ha, Yu-Ju Hwang
Young-Ki Kwon
  • - Graduated from the Department of Church Music, Kosin University
  • - Graduated from Music Conservatory of TRIESTE “Giuseppe Tartini”
  • - Awarded 3rd place prize, Padova International Vocal Competition
  • - 2012 Busan Regional Women Choral Festival, the Gold prize
  • - 2013 Busan Regional Women Choral Festival, the Grand Prize
  • - 2014 Gongju National Choral Competition, the Gold prize
  • - Currently a Permanent Conductor for Haeundae Boys&Girls Choir, Luvoce Ladies Singers, Jeonggwan Women Sunshine Choir, Choonhae College of
    Health Sciences Harmony Choir

OCT 23 (Sat) 17:00-18:30

Golden Theater, Geumjeong Cultural Center


  • Opening Performance
    Angel Peace Art Group (South Korea)
    Korean Traditional Dance Arirang
  • Greetings from President of the BCFC
  • Guest Performance 1.
    BCFC Supporters’ Choir
  • Greetings from Mayor
    of Busan Metropolitan City
  • Guest Performance 2.
    World Vision Korea Children's Choir (South Korea)
    1. Lonely Arirang (Lyric & Music: Dol Han, Arr. Hak-Joon Yoon)
    2. Star (Poem: Byeong-Gi Lee, Music: Hak-Joon Yoon)
    3. Doraji Fantasy (Korean folk song, Arr.: Hyun-Chul Lee)
  • Award Ceremony 1.
    2021 Composition Competition

    1st Winner's Work Premiere
    - Tagu-taguan (Com. Ryle Nicole Custodio_Philippines)
    by Philippine Madrigal Singers (Cond. Mark Anthony Carpio)
  • Award Ceremony 2.
    2021 Virtual Choir Competition
    Announcement of each category’s winners
    Play of each winner’s acceptance speech videos
    Announcement of Grand Prix winner
  • Virtual Choir Performance
    by all competition choir members
    Until We Sing Again by Joseph M. Martin (Artistic Director Kang-Kyu Kim)

Guest Choir

Angel Peace Art Group
It is an art group consisted of teenagers in Busan working hard for the future of Korea through discovering and training hidden
talent. They have been actively working to introduce the excellence of Korean culture through a synthetic arts such as K-pop, musical,
Korean dance, chorus and Taekwondo.
World Vision Korea Children's Choir
Founded in 1960, World Vision Korea Children’s Choir is the leading youth choir in South Korea affiliated to World Vision Korea. “A voice
for the voiceless” as its mission, the choir has been bringing hope and love to children who are suffering from poverty, disease and con-
flicts on all over the world. Since its formation with 61 years of tradition, the choir has performed thousands of official national events and
international conferences. Also, winning the highest award at the prestigious competition “Let the Peoples Sing” organized by BBC in
1978 and the Grand Prix at the “11th Cantemus International Choir Festival” in 2016 Hungary brought international fame to the choir. Since
its first concert tour to America in 1961, the choir has traveled different countries every year. Especially, the 58th tour, trip to Austria and
Germany, was produced in two-part music documentary aired via KBS, one of the biggest South Korean television networks. Bomi Kim,
the principal conductor of the choir, had been a choir master of the Vienna Boys Choir between 2012 and 2016 as the first female choir
master as well as the first Asian choir master in its own history. Furthermore, she won the Ortner Preis which is awarded to the best choral
conductor in Austria in 2013. Her dynamic choral conducting and exquisite harmony the choir makes deliver not only the joy of music but
also the message of saving lives and love.
Bo-Mi Kim
Bomi Kim, currently serving as an assistant professor of choral conducting & director of choral activities at Yonsei University in Seoul,
Korea, has extinguish accomplishments as a conductor, a teacher, and an administrator. In 2012, she became the choir master of the
Vienna Boys’ Choir not only as the first female, but also as the first Asian choir master in its rich history. She held the position until she
moved back to Korea in 2016. She toured various countries with the Vienna Boy’s Choir and conducted in numerous concert halls.
She served as a main organist and a choir master at the Crosschurch (Kreuzkirche) in Regensburg and also worked as a music teacher
at the Music School Regensburg. She was a member and music coach of the Arnold Schoenberg Choir from 2007 to 2015, and with
same choir she worked as an opera choir master at the Theater an der Wien. Among significant career highlights, she won the Ort-
nerpreis which is awarded to the best choral conductor in Austria in 2013. She is currently a music director/conductor of World Vision
Children’s Choir Korea, Vocal Ensemble “The Singers”, and Saemoonan Presbyterian Church Seraphim Choir in Seoul. She received her
bachelor of music degree in choral conducting from Yonsei University. After studying church music at Regensburg in Bavaria, she
moved to Vienna and received her master of music degree in choral conducting, vocal music and Gregorian chant from the University
of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. She also studied in a doctoral program at the University of Vienna where she majored in
Gregorian chant and music theory.

OCT 24 (Sun) 17:00-19:00

Golden Theater, Geumjeong Cultural Center
Special Concert 3 Edel Reinklang
Edel Reinklang
The team name ‘Edel Reinklang’ is a combination of the three German words ‘Edel,’ ‘Rein,’ and ‘Klang’ which mean ‘noble,’ ‘pure,’ and
‘sound’ respectively. Putting together, it means ‘noble and shining perfect sound.’ The four team members are the musical actor
Hyunggyun Zo [high baritone], Choongjoo Lee [baritone], the opera singer Donghyun Kim [bass-baritone], and Sekwon An [tenor]. As the
final list of JTBC <Phantom Singer> season 2, the crossover quartet Edel Reinklang has been spotlighted the most in the all star league of
the said TV show. The team gained the nickname ‘Phantom Singer’s official farewell song master’ there. They won the competition with the
highest score of the show, 934 after performing the song ‘Tobacco shop lady’ of Chang Sik Song in the 6th all star league. With the
captivating and appealing voices, they guarantee you the delicate but powerful quartet harmony in all genres of music from ballad to
  • Hyung-Gyun Zo
  • Choong-Joo Lee
  • Dong-Hyun Kim
  • Se-Kwon An


  1. 1. Per Te Ci Saro
  2. 2. Things We Took For Granted
  3. 3. I Hope It Would Be That Way Now
  4. 4. Anche Se Non Ci Sei
  5. 5. Molitva - Marija Šerifović
  6. 6. Somewhere Only A Little Above Me
  7. 7. Lost Child
  8. 8. Tobacco Shop Lady
  9. 9. La Vita - Shirley Bassey

*Program is subject to change depending on the conditions.

  1. 10. O Sole Mio
  2. 11. An Ordinary Day
  3. 12. Promise
  4. 13. Leaning On Time – Donghyun Kim Solo
  5. 14. The Wind Is Blowing - Hyunggyun Zo Solo
  6. 15. Etude Of Momory - Choongjoo Lee Solo
  7. 16. Volare - Sekwon An Solo
  8. 17. Don’T Tell Me It’S Not Love - Choongjoo Lee, Donghyun Kim Duet
  9. 18. Beautiful Scenery - Hyunggyun Zo, Sekwon An